Hat Care

Things you should know about your hat
  • Tim's hats are made of fur felt. Being a natural fiber, it is subject to some shrinkage under certain circumstances.

  • Heat and moisture are natural enemies of felt. And when present at the same time can spell catastrophe for felt. NEVER set a wet or sweat soaked hat out in the hot sun to dry. If you must put your hat away wet, put it in a cool, dry place. Of course, your best bet is to have one of Tim's own hat stretcher to put in the hat to make sure it can't shrink up past where you want it to.

  • A wet hat thrown aside will cause the hat to be deformed and will dry in that position. Make sure any creasing, curling, cupping, or what have you, is where you want it before leaving the hat to dry.

  • When taking your hat off for short periods of time, ALWAYS sit it upside down on the crown. Sitting it brimside down will cause it to go out of shape.

Steaming a hat to stretch

This photo shows the proper alignment of the hat to the steam source to stretch a hat. Begin by installing the stretcher/size keeper and snugging it up just until you hear the hat give a little "groan", which indicates it is in tight. Now, introduce the hat to the steam source as shown and keeping the hat moving, go around the entire hat about three times directing the steam at that point where brim and crown join. This will warm the felt. Now turn thecrank to expand the stretcher. Each full turn will add about 3/16ths of an inch to the circumferance of the hat. Let the felt cool, remove the stretcher and try on for fit. If not enough, repeat until you have resized the hat to the required size. Remember to always keep the brim BELOW the flow of steam, otherwise you will warp it out of shape. After you have reached the required size, re-install the stretcher and let it in place for several hours to keep the hat from rebounding to a smaller size.