About TP&H Trading Co.

T P & H Trading Company has been involved in Civil War sutlery since 1990. Started as a part time business while Tim pursued his career in the law enforcement field, the sutlery was originally a general line dealer specializing in antique goods. In 1993 Tim retired from his first career and has pursued his interest in Civil War goods full time ever since. In 1995 Tim felt that the representation of hat makers for CW use was under represented, and started making hats. Self taught, Tim had the opportunity to study extensively a private collection of period hats, and acquired a period hat that he dissected literally fiber by fiber to determine what "secrets" our antecedents may have used. Tim also relies heavily on photographic evidence as a basis and guideline for styles.

One advantage that Tim enjoys is his background in woodworking which makes it possible for him to create his own hat blocks. This is a decided "plus" for Tim's customers who may require some special item not normally available.

Tim pursues his business wholeheartedly, and with the principals of "Trust, Pride and Honesty" at the forefront. Always interacting with his customers courteously and with respect, Tim hopes you will consider him when making your next hat purchase.